A major decision

At HLS, every course you take will spark major insights.

But you’ll need to select a major as you work toward either of the two HLS undergraduate degrees or our combined B.A./M.A. degree.

  • If you decide to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can choose from five majors
  • A Bachelor of Science degree is offered in the International Studies major
  • You can also earn a bachelor's degree from one of the top-tier programs in HLS and then jumpstart your career with the momentum from the top-ranking Kelley School of Business.  For more information, visit:

And the choices don’t end there, because you can combine your major with a wide range of minors and certificates

There is a lot to choose from. But our faculty and advisors will help you identify the major that will ensure you're globally ready from the day you graduate.

Moira Corcoran: Ready for a new outlook

Direct Admit Scholar Moira Corcoran is majoring in International Studies. But her academic path at HLS has taken some turns she’d never dreamed of.

At orientation, she heard about the Turkish Flagship program and was enchanted: “It’s just an awesome opportunity to study a critical language,” she explains.

I’d never before thought about looking at climate change from any angle other than the scientific one.

Moira Corcoran, Class of 2019, B.S., International Studies

And after Moira took a climate policy course with HLS Professor Jessica O’Reilly, her interests broadened even further.

“I’d never before thought about looking at climate change from any angle other than the scientific one,” Moira says. “But in Professor O’Reilly’s class, we looked at how climate policy is the result of a conversation between international organizations and scientists.” Moira was so inspired by the subject that she now wants to study water security and development.

Global horizons

Get the lay of the land and expand your horizons by exploring our majors. And remember: our HLS advisors are here to guide you. And the experts at the Walter Center for Career Achievement at the College of Arts and Sciences can help you consider the professional possibilities your major will open up.

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