Mentor Collective

What kinds of questions do mentors and mentees talk about?

  • “What are people like at HLS and IU? Where are good places to eat and buy things I need?”
  • “How can I set myself up for global academic and career success?”
  • “Where is the best place to live? How do I find a roommate?”
  • “How can I balance the demands of school with family relationships?”

I'm so excited because my mentor seems right up my alley. We have scheduled our first Skype session and I'm so ecstatic to work with her. I'm just worried about adjusting and finding balance with my new college life. I'm also taking about 17 credit hours worth of classes. I always work better when I'm busy and I love pushing myself, but can I handle it?

Laney Sheehan, Mentee

I talked to Olivia about how she can find a student group on campus, and that will help with work and career opportunities in the future. I also gave more info for her goal of joining the Turkish Flagship program, what its classes are like, and how to be successful in the program.

Geoffrey Gervase, Mentor