International Law & Institutions Week

Explore careers in international law

International Law & Institutions Week at the Hamilton Lugar School brings together experts in the field to discuss their careers and critical areas of expertise.

Sessions will include "Careers in International Law," "Internships in International Law & Institutions," and "Careers at the United Nations." Taken together, these events provide a salient look into the BA degree in International Law & Institutions. The degree program is a joint endeavor with the Maurer School of Law that encourages students to draw upon the wealth of resources at HLS, while also providing the opportunity—rare for undergraduates—to take courses taught in the law school and with law faculty.

Keynote event: Judge Camelia Bogdan

A conversation with Amb. Lee Feinstein, Hamilton Lugar School founding dean; co-sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy

Wednesday, April 14 at 11am (EDT)

Amb. Lee Feinstein speaks to Dr. Camelia Bogdan, a judge on the Bucharest Court of Appeals and an expert on asset recovery, countering money laundering, and combating transnational corruption and other financial crimes. She has twice been expelled from the Romanian judiciary on politically motivated charges, as a result of her battle against the corruption of political and economic elites. An accomplished scholar with a doctorate in criminal law from the University of Bucharest, she has authored two monographs on asset recovery and money laundering, several practical guides to asset recovery for practitioners at the national and EU level, and over 130 judicial studies in law journals.

Judge Bogdan is fellow at the Hamilton Lugar School's Institute for European Studies.

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