The world awaits you

At HLS, we equip students with world-changing ideas and the knowledge and expertise to realize them. Wherever you go—in the state, the nation, or the world—and whatever you do—in government, law, business, academia, the arts, public health, the nonprofit sector—you’ll be ready.

HLS students don’t just take courses. They take action. That’s why LinkedIn has named Bloomington one of the top cities for launching an international career.

Your path starts at HLS

HLS is truly an international crossroads. Our magnificent new building sits at the center of a campus that annually welcomes some 7,000 international students from 137 countries around the world.

As an HLS student, you’ll spend your days going from classrooms to lecture halls, from libraries to internships, from meetings with faculty to sessions with career advisors.

Equally important, you’ll go from concert halls to auditoriums to museums, so you can truly become a world citizen. Indian sitar masters, prime ministers, secretaries of states, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists: they’ve all come to HLS.

HLS is a place where you can pursue your individual passions. Although HLS provides a solid framework, there’s so much room within it to find out what you love and then study it.

Abigail Zumbrun, Class of 2019, B.A., International Studies and East Asian Studies

The world is an open book

Human rights . . . climate change . . . the ethics of military combat . . .

At HLS, you can choose from a comprehensive offering of majors and minors to craft your own future. We’ve also developed special new offerings, such as our combined B.A./M.A. program that lets you earn both degrees in five years. Or earn a Global Service and Peace Corps Prep Certificate to ready yourself for international service.

And you’ll study with our dazzling faculty, who include former diplomats, senators, and congressmen—not to mention, leading scholars who have literally written the book on countries like Russia and Korea. You’ll also have the opportunity to assist our faculty with research and to carry out your own.

HLS is a really, really great opportunity not only to learn about other cultures but to learn about them through language study.

Cecily Kemp, Class of 2017, B.A., Chinese and Sociology

The world is your classroom

At HLS, we encourage all our students to study overseas, whether for a summer, a semester or a year. We have programs everywhere from Azerbaijan to Zurich.

And you’ll be ready to strike up a conversation before you go. Because there’s no better place to learn to speak the world’s languages than HLS. We offer more languages than any other university in America. And we have three U.S. government-sponsored Language Flagship programs that offer unrivaled instruction in the language and culture of strategically important regions.

As an HLS graduate, the world welcomes you

When you graduate from HLS, you’ll join a network of distinguished Indiana University alumni who include CEOs, four-star generals, diplomats, legislators, and journalists. You’ll have lifelong connections who can help you anywhere in the world and at any point in your career.

Our Career Service team offers priceless, unparalleled coaching and placement. They can teach you how to customize your search strategy to land the jobs and internships to launch your career as a global professional.

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