Minors & Certificates

Choosing a minor or certificate

At HLS the wealth of courses offered by our four departments and 17 centers and institutes inspires many students to pursue minors or certificates. 

Maybe you’re a history major who’s considering law school one day. If so, you might want to minor in Human Rights and International Law.

If your sights are set on public service, you can start work now toward your dream of helping to resettle refugees by acquiring a certificate in Islamic Studies or Global Service and Peace Corps Preparation.

Whatever your interests and aims, our faculty and advisors can help you choose the minor or certificate programs that will get you globally ready.

You can start exploring our offerings now. Then, meet with your advisor to outline your course of study.

Meet with an academic advisor

Abigail Zumbrun: Ready to learn

Abigail Zumbrun loves everything about Japan, starting with its music and its movies. By the time she was a freshman at HLS, she’d visited Japan four times and she knew she’d be majoring in Japanese and International Studies.

I really resonate with the approach of getting to know a culture from the individual’s perspective, from the bottom up.

Abigail Zumbrun, Class of 2019, B.A., International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures; minor, Folklore and Ethnomusicology

On the other hand, she admits, “Before I came to IU, I didn’t know that folklore and ethnomusicology were even fields. But I just fell in love after I took one course. I really resonate with the approach of getting to know a culture from the individual’s perspective, from the bottom up. It’s a nice balance to looking at the power structure of a society, from the top down."

Our minors

African Studies

A Minor in African Studies is intended to give undergraduates an opportunity to gain a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the African continent.Learn more

Central Eurasian Studies

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East Asian Languages & Cultures

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European Studies

A minor in European Studies is intended to provide a broad understanding of the historical significance, social structure, political features, and cultural aspects of European countries. Learn more

India Studies

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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

A Minor in Latin American and Carribean Studies is especially useful for students planning careers in business, education, government, non-profit management, social work, and journalism. Learn more

Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

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Polish Studies

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Russian & East European Studies

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Southeast Asian Studies

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