A beacon of global learning

Every day, students and scholars from around the world pass through the soaring atrium of our splendid new home in a prime spot at the historic center of Indiana University’s beautiful wooded campus.

Inaugurated by the U.S. Secretary of State in 2015, our Global and International Studies Building was specially designed from the ground up to foster world-changing learning and research. The atrium features a colorful wall of stones that connects Indiana’s limestone tradition to the nations of the world.

Students who see things as they are . . .

This is an exciting time to be at the Hamilton Lugar School at Indiana University Bloomington.

Whatever your goals—government, business, law, the nonprofit sector—there is no better place to pursue a global career than HLS.

. . . and are ready to make them better.

At HLS, we encourage our students to ask big questions and tackle global issues. We are a school of 800 students at a Big Ten research university. At our school, you will get the best of both a liberal arts education and professional training.

Our students graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to be globally ready for a world in which all careers are global.

That is the beauty of the HLS experience. We come to a small, lovely town in the Midwest and study issues that are so much greater than we are. We find our passion here and learn how to change the world.

Megan Kelly, Class of 2016, B.A., International Studies

So, if you’re ready to change the world . . .

At HLS, you’ll acquire the global perspectives and regional expertise that will ready you to shape the world as a global professional.

. . . we’re ready to show you how.

Our 100 faculty members are a mix of outstanding research scholars, prominent foreign policy experts, and former government officials like Representative Lee H. Hamilton, who co-chaired the 9/11 Commission. Their expertise runs the gamut from human rights to global trade, from climate change to war and peace. They cover every continent—including Antarctica.

And at HLS we teach some 68 languages—that’s more than any other American university—from Arabic to Mandarin Chinese and Pashto to Zulu.

The number of insanely interesting and connected students and faculty I’ve met here has been impressive, to say the least. It’s a really dynamic community.

Kieran Hatton, Class of 2019, B.A., International Studies

And if you're ready to explore the world . . .

At HLS, we teach not only language fluency, but global fluency. Established in 2012, our school promotes an understanding of contemporary and global issues, informed by a deep knowledge of history, culture, and languages.

Our school is making one of the nation’s largest investments in global studies. We’ve recently added 25 new faculty members. And in 2015, the U.S. Secretary of State inaugurated our magnificent LEED-certified building.

. . . we’re ready to chart your journey.

At HLS, we encourage 100 percent of our students to study abroad before they graduate. In fact, if you’re an International Studies major, we require it. And we offer more than 300 overseas programs, plus scholarships and financial support, so our programs are accessible to all. So, come with your passport ready.

I’ve loved every single HLS professor I’ve had. I’ve had professors who have completely changed my way of thinking. They’ve all had interesting career paths and they can speak out of both scholarly expertise and personal experience.

Lydia Zumbrun , Class of 2019, B.A., International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures

If you’re ready to start your career . . .

There’s simply no better place to become globally ready. 

That’s why LinkedIn has named Bloomington one of the top cities for launching an international career.

At HLS, you’ll have access to a full range of pre-professional training and internship programs, including career and internship fairs and specially tailored career courses. You can earn a Global Service and Peace Corps Prep certificate, for example, or take Diplomacy Lab courses that allow you to submit your problem-solving ideas to the U.S. State Department while you’re still in school.

. . . we’re ready to place you.

Our Career Services team offers priceless, unparalleled coaching and placement. Their innovative approach helps you customize your search strategy to land the jobs and internships that will launch your career as a global professional.

So, if you’re ready to join us . . .

We are CEOs, four-star generals, legislators, educators, journalists, scholars, entrepreneurs and more.

. . . we’re ready to welcome you.

Talk to our recruitment team, visit our campus, come to an information session. Our student ambassadors are ready to give you a tour and talk to you about their experiences.

HLS is the realization of the dream of IU’s legendary President Herman B Wells, who aspired to “bring the world to Indiana and Indiana to the world.

Lee Feinstein, Dean, Hamilton Lugar School

Every aspect of our architectural landmark points to a global future.

  • The building is LEED Gold-certified.
  • The building is fully wired to incorporate the latest digital technology and to connect to the rest of the nation and the world with a state-of-the-art broadcast studio.
  • Our global lounge and its high-definition wall is a popular gathering point for our students and international students across campus.

For information about using building facilities, please visit the GISB website.

Students sitting in the media room at SGIS