Student Life

We live like we learn.

We know the importance of getting outside the academic bubble. Indiana University and the Hamilton Lugar School make sure there are no shortage of ways for you to do it.

Join more than 70% of Hamilton Lugar School students in study abroad programs. Become an HLS Student Ambassador and share your experiences with prospective students and special guests. Travel with faculty members to international events like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Prepare for global service through our Peace Corps Prep Program. Compete with the best and brightest as part of our nationally ranked Model UN team. 

Whatever you pursue, we hope you experiment, explore, and make each day a new adventure.

Global Student 7

The GS7 is an advisory board to Dean Feinstein tasked with providing candid, mature student perspectives on affairs concerning the Hamilton Lugar School to improve the undergraduate student experience and expand the scope of the college.

The board meets with the Dean each month to soundboard policies, organize events, and brainstorm new student and faculty initiatives. The GS7 also meets with HLS departments to improve their student outreach and increase enrollments.

The seven-member board represents the diversity of the student body and programs at HLS.

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GS7 member Neha Srinivasan chats with former US Ambassador to Russia James Collins (l) and Gen. Gene Renuart. 

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