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Global passions

“I am really interested in everything,” says Audrey Muston, HLS Class of 2017. “After every course I took, I felt I needed to dive into it 100 percent and change to that degree program.”

If students like Audrey—passionately absorbed by the world and ready to learn and explore—sound like your people, come join us.

At HLS, courses and research are important. But it’s the HLS experience that’s irreplaceable. You’ll have the chance to dive into a language and culture and then take flight to the countries where it’s spoken. You’ll find internships and community service opportunities so that you can gain hands-on experience before you graduate.

Audrey Muston: Ready to experiment

Audrey Muston grew up in Indianapolis and went to a Spanish immersion school. “I could read in Spanish before I could in English.” So her interest in languages goes way back. “I picked IU because of the language and study-abroad options. And I was excited about being on the ground floor of HLS,” she says.

During my time here, I’ve realized how much I’m committed to learning about the world.

Audrey Muston, Class of 2018, B.A., International Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Culture

Audrey’s biggest problem, while she’s been at HLS, has been limiting herself to only two majors. She finally chose International Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Culture. Audrey began studying Arabic at HLS and spent a semester at a university in Aman, Jordan. “I loved it,” she says. “I lived with a host family. And I made the best friends of my life.”