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Graduate orientation

Orientation conducted by HLS Graduate Services. The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

Description of the video:

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Next, I will discuss course advising course selection of course registration. First step is to meet their academic advisor. So you so much, or you will meet your academic advisor to review.

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Elliott Nowacky (REEI) : Hi, my name is Lisa Hagan I'm the Director of Graduate administrative services for the Hamilton Luger school and I'm delighted to be joining you this afternoon virtually to give you on orientation.

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Be 20 cohort of incoming students we're excited that you're joining us and we're very happy to be able to share some resources and policies and information with you that will hopefully make

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Your transition to graduate school easy exciting and engaging. I wanted to bring to your attention of primary resource for you as a graduate University School bulletin.

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And that is going to be your resource for locating the degree requirements for each of your degrees. You may be pursuing a master's degree or a PhD degree.

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But the Graduate School Bolton is where you will find the degree requirements that the recorder will be using when they actually grant your degree so

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You want to use that as a primary guide and then you will also use as a resource your department.

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And your department DDS is there to answer questions about your requirements and also your advisor.

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And another source for you is that most individual departments actually also provide you with a graduate handbook that will outline all of the steps that you will be following to pursue your degree.

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Now I'd like to talk about some of the expectations that we have for you as incoming graduate students. First of all, we wanted to talk about what constitutes full time study

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You need to enroll in at least eight credit hours in the fall and the spring and summer if you want to be considered full time.

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If you have an essay appointment, which is you're an assistant instructor or a graduate assistant, then your enrollment requirement is only six credit hours during each full semester in which you're enrolled.

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And what do we use to what what are the qualifications for something to be graduate credit only courses that are listed in the university graduate school bulletin.

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Are specifically allowed to be counted toward the requirements for a degree. So you'll want to make sure that you're taking coursework that your GGS

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And your advisor have approved as counting for you degree. Normally these courses are at the 500 degree. The 500 of course number or higher.

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Normally, of course, cannot be counted towards your degree if it's been taken more than five years ago, if you're counting it towards an MA degree or more than seven years ago, if it's counting for a PhD degree.

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In terms of grading, you need to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to remain and continue in graduate study at Indiana University.

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Some departments will actually require a higher GPA cumulative GPA than a 3.0 and so you'll want to check with the department to find out what their minimum requirement is

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No courses that are under a 2.0 or C will count towards your graduate degree requirements. However, if you do receive a gray that's lower than a see those course grades will be calculated into your cumulative grade point average, even though you can't count them towards your degree.

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Academic integrity is something that's very important for all of our graduate students and we want to, I want to bring to your attention the Code of Student rights responsibilities and conduct.

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Students are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards in all their coursework and research.

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Individuals violating that code of conduct are subject to disciplinary action such breaches could lead to expulsion of the student from Indiana University for to the rescission of the degree already granted.

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to acquaint students more fully with a range of issues relating to academic integrity. The university graduate school is prepared a document entitled integrity in graduate study

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Students should also refer to Indiana University's Code of Student rights responsibilities and conduct. So what constitutes academic misconduct.

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Academic Misconduct is any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution.

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It may include but is not limited to human hardcopy or electronic resources cheating fabrication plagiarism interference.

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Violation of course rules and facilitating academic misconduct. We want to remind you to stay engaged and stay informed.

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There are a number of university wide and campus wide policies that apply to graduate students in the College of Arts and Science

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And the college graduate office provides links to these policies for your convenience.

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And we encourage you to review these policies regularly in case. They've been updated my colleague, Tara Hey, we'll be going over some other items for you right now, regarding enrollment and then I'll be back to talk with you shortly about some other items. Thank you.

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And that's next I will discuss course advising course selection of course registration. The first step is to meet with your academic advisor, so you should make

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Sure you will meet your academic advisor to review of course elections discuss your academic plan. You are responsible for setting up meetings with your advisors and if you're unsure of who your advisor is please contact your departments, Director of Graduate Studies

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During your appointment, you and your advisor will fail. He loves graduate advising form devising form can be found at her website and your advisor will obtain the necessary signatures needed to send the phone call our office for processing.

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Once our office received some form. We will lift your advising hold send you a confirmation email and you can register for classes.

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In addition to the advising form students are required to submit a progress report to their graduate advisor and our office each semester.

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Of course selection. How to find a course at IU. There are several resources available to find courses at IU. The first is to ask your academic advisor to provide you with a list of courses specific to unit or program.

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Can also find a list of courses at the registrar schedule of classes below I GPS through one. It also provides a course search tool.

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I GPS allows you to search by subject faculty member degree keywords and often includes course in class description. Go to one that I you type in itvs and that will pull up the search tool for you. Understanding instruction modes for fall 20

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Due to code and 19 the way in which courses are tired ideas changed a list of new course instructions and the descriptions can be found at the link below.

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Some of the new course instructions include in person hybrid on campus and online 100% online and distance synchronized video

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Again, the link below will provide you with a detailed list where to find the instruction mode on the schedule of classes.

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At the bottom of your schedule, you will see a class notes section. This will provide you with a list of your instructions. Most for that particular class.

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For example, this classes taught in a hybrid manner, which includes both in person and online instruction. The Link Below provides you with the detailed description and you can also ask your instructor registration for fall 20

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You can register for classes using one die you to begin more frustration, go to and typing class registration in the search bar.

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Click on the app and begin registering. If you need to change your schedule after initial registration use one die. You drop or add classes.

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Through the first week of classes. Now if you need to drop or add a class after the first week of classes me to go to you then type in late drop late add

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For more information on registering for classes, you can go to the registrar's website below even exchange policy.

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Can drop a course and add another course and no additional tuition costs. The answer is yes. If you drop a course and add another course at the same time for the same number of credits.

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You can do so at no additional tuition costs. This is known as an even exchange.

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No need to go to wonder I you type in late drop late add click on that link and it will show the screen below.

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Make sure you're clicking on drop an ad and dropping and adding classes at the exact same time things to remember about the email exchange.

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You will receive a W for any class you drop also remember if he dropped one class and add another, it has to be for the same number of credits if you drop Matt a class that is different and credits you will be charged for the extra credit hours.

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Important dates.

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classes begin on August 24 from August 24 until Thanksgiving break all classes that meet in person will meet in person.

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All classes after Thanksgiving break that meet in person will become online. So after Thanksgiving break all courses at Indiana University will be online, regardless if they were in person to begin with.

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Other important dates to keep in mind. Late registration fee will be assessed after August 21

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Delete job ads period starts after the first week of classes.

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The trop add in exchange week begins august 31

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Fall tuition bills are due September 10th.

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For information you can visit the register students central website Official calendar.

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Now I'd like to talk to you a little bit about foreign language and research skills. These are going to depend upon your individual program and department.

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individual departments determine whether foreign languages or research skills will be required. They will also list which course courses can fulfill those requirements in the graduate Bolton.

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Sometimes another language that's demonstrably useful to you and your research may be substituted for a required foreign language

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You need the approval of the department, as well as the approval of the team in order for that to be taken in order for that to happen.

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How do we demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language. There are actually three different ways that this is accomplished want us to take an exam that is offered on IU campus by the respective

00:39:36.000 --> 00:39:50.370
Foreign Language department and you need to make you need to achieve the grade score that the department note notes is equitable with the proficiency requirement.

00:39:51.750 --> 00:39:58.680
Another option is to take a reading scores. These are available in French and German and the course number is number 492

00:39:59.100 --> 00:40:09.540
And if you receive a B or higher in the course and that demonstrates reading proficiency in those languages. The third option for other languages other than French and German.

00:40:11.460 --> 00:40:26.100
Is to take a literature or civilizations course in which the predominant readings in the course are are all done in the prospective language if you get a B or higher in that course than that will demonstrate proficiency as well.

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Now I'd like to turn to a question about what do you do with the unexpected happens first thing that you need to do is hopefully make sure that you're safe.

00:40:37.830 --> 00:40:49.770
And then contact your advisor and the department and let them know. In most cases, they will be able to offer an option or a solution and work with you to

00:40:50.730 --> 00:40:58.800
Find an outcome that's positive for everyone and maybe necessary to request a leave of absence or possibly to request parental accommodation

00:40:59.430 --> 00:41:13.020
In those cases, they will work. We will work closely with the graduate, the college graduate office to ensure that all the paperwork is processed and you are able to see the leave

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Now what happens if you're in courses and you're not doing as well as you had anticipated and

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You may want additional time to complete a course, it's possible to request an incomplete and of course. However, there are several stipulations.

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One of which is that you have to be doing passing work at the time you're requesting an incomplete the incomplete will last and be valid for a year.

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And within that calendar year. You need to satisfy all the remaining requirements of the course.

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And you need to finish all necessary work in time for the instructor to assign a regular grade before the expiration of the time period.

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You do want to pay attention closely to the expiration date and the deadline for submitting this materials because after a calendar year. The grade one will change from an incomplete and automatically become an F.

00:42:12.090 --> 00:42:23.610
And other option. Sometimes if necessary is to request a withdrawal from the course. This is possible on without you requesting additional

00:42:24.120 --> 00:42:32.100
Permission if it is done within the drop period after that point if it's necessary to withdraw from the course.

00:42:32.580 --> 00:42:48.210
First of all, you need to have the instructors permission. And then you also need to have the permission of the chair of the department, the Director of Graduate Studies your advisor, as well as the dean and these are usually only

00:42:49.560 --> 00:42:56.940
Allowed. In the case of an urgent reason that may be related to the students health or some other form of equivalent distress.

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Now it's time to hand the video over to one of my colleagues who will be sharing resources that are available to you as well as some items that we would like for you to take care of within the first semester of your graduate studies.

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Hi everyone. Before we continue with the rest of our presentation. I'd like to briefly introduce myself.

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My name is Megan Emeryville Davis and I am the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services and the last administrator of the Hamilton luker school

00:43:32.250 --> 00:43:39.720
As part of the Graduate Student Services Team. I'm here to help you with your administrative needs during your time with the Hamilton Luger school

00:43:40.590 --> 00:43:51.630
We know that the world looks very different now from when you first apply to continue your graduate studies with us, but please know that we are here for you to help you navigate your new world at IU

00:43:52.260 --> 00:43:59.910
We hope this presentation provides you with helpful information and your course always encouraged to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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We are so glad to welcome you to the Hamilton Luger School of Indiana University. Now let's get back to our presentation with a quick note about your final transcripts.

00:44:12.480 --> 00:44:20.040
If you received your degree after you submitted your admissions application, we will need your final transcript to complete your file.

00:44:20.790 --> 00:44:31.200
Your final transcription state that your degree has officially been granted will need to receive your final transcript before you complete your first semester at IU

00:44:31.800 --> 00:44:40.230
International students will need to send their final transcript to the Office of International services. Well, domestic students may send them to us.

00:44:43.230 --> 00:44:48.480
All incoming IU Bloomington students are required to be immunization compliant.

00:44:49.050 --> 00:45:09.210
Please review this important I you policy to make sure all your immunizations are up to date is you will not be able to enroll for the upcoming spring semester. If you are not compliant to submit your information log into one that I and select the immunization compliance icon.

00:45:10.890 --> 00:45:29.070
University Information Technology Services, or you, it says we refer to it is the central technology organization at IU which oversees a broad spectrum of services including campus networking wireless access and software for teaching, learning and research.

00:45:31.260 --> 00:45:37.350
One die will be your portal to access all i use services.

00:45:38.400 --> 00:45:48.750
To get connected, please make sure you set up your account by logging into one die and selecting the create my first account icon.

00:45:49.770 --> 00:46:08.400
You'll find more information about I use connection services by visiting the link in the middle of the slide also note that US is available to assist you with tech support 24 seven. You can also visit the knowledge base for answers to common questions about computing at IU

00:46:10.740 --> 00:46:19.380
As an IU student you have access to software at no cost to you as well as training opportunities to help you brush up on technology if necessary.

00:46:20.190 --> 00:46:32.550
I you also has a mobile app which you can download to easily access information and services on your mobile device. You can find out more information about these resources at the links that will be made available to you.

00:46:34.560 --> 00:46:38.580
Next let's discuss some of the study resources that will be helpful for you.

00:46:40.500 --> 00:46:54.450
Canvas is a tool used by many instructors and students to share course materials, especially during this time of virtual learning. You will also be able to see your grades and connect with classmates via canvas.

00:46:57.330 --> 00:47:05.760
The IU library will be a helpful resource during your time at IU although it's physical location is currently closed due to coven

00:47:06.660 --> 00:47:19.950
librarians and archivists are available for inquiries and virtual constant consultations, you're also able to submit requests online for no contact pickup service of library materials.

00:47:20.730 --> 00:47:29.850
Are areas studies librarians are ready to assist you. By providing specialist connections to library collections on specific world regions.

00:47:30.420 --> 00:47:43.980
Please feel free to contact your area studies library and for more information when you need to buy books, visit the IU bookstore, which can be accessed online via one die

00:47:46.830 --> 00:48:02.100
The social science research comments or Src facilitates social science research on the Bloomington campus by providing research infrastructure support and training to social science faculty and graduate students.

00:48:03.330 --> 00:48:16.560
Although the physical location of the SRC is currently closed many of its resources can be accessed for Julie, please visit the SRC website. For a full list of available services.

00:48:18.690 --> 00:48:28.020
Writing tutorial services offer students, one on one help with any phase of the writing process from brainstorming to revising the final draft.

00:48:28.560 --> 00:48:39.600
tutors can benefit you with any writing background on any type of academic writing. Writing tutorial services also provides helpful writing guides online.

00:48:41.790 --> 00:48:46.290
Now we'll move on to some other helpful resources for you graduate students.

00:48:48.600 --> 00:48:54.900
When you are in need of funding, we recommend that you visit the grad grants center to explore funding options.

00:48:55.470 --> 00:49:11.700
The grad grants Center is a place where you can find a variety of funding opportunities, including fellowships awards and academic or work study minutes you're also able to schedule a meeting with a consultant to discuss your individual funding needs.

00:49:13.410 --> 00:49:27.900
The Health Center provides a range of health services for IU students usually at a reduced cost isn't the health center web page to view a full range of services offered and to schedule a virtual or in person appointment.

00:49:29.310 --> 00:49:39.000
Any, any University's Counseling and Psychological Services or caps is available to support you with virtual count counseling sessions.

00:49:39.570 --> 00:49:51.000
All I use students who have paid the student healthy receive two free caps counseling visits each semester visit their website to schedule an appointment and find out more.

00:49:52.500 --> 00:50:11.220
We recommend that you sign up with the IU notify service to get critical eye you alerts by voicemail text message and email informational alerts are sent out in the event that there is an emergency on campus, you can sign up to receive emergency alerts at one die

00:50:12.240 --> 00:50:33.450
If you will be physically traveling to and from campus. Please note that I use campus AND THE CITY OF BLOOMINGTON post an excellent bus system which you can use for free as an IU student buses travel across the entire campus as well as many places in Bloomington, it can be tracked online.

00:50:35.040 --> 00:50:42.510
If you decide to commute to campus via car, you will need to purchase a parking pass in order to park on campus.

00:50:43.200 --> 00:50:53.940
You must also purchase a pastor perk your bicycle on campus visit the website of IU parking operations to view the parking passes that are available to you.

00:50:54.330 --> 00:51:08.310
Or to find out where you can park on campus as an I use today. You also have access to a car sharing network called Zipcar. You can find more out about this by visiting the IU Zipcar website.

00:51:09.300 --> 00:51:22.980
I you recreational sports provides all i use students with opportunities to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, the recreational sports facilities are closed until further notice. Judah coven

00:51:24.060 --> 00:51:30.960
That you are currently able to access live workout sessions via zoom, as well as guided workout videos.

00:51:31.800 --> 00:51:47.580
If you will physically be on. I use campus. We recommend that you sign up to get a crimson card crimson card is the official photo ID card issued to all Indiana University students and provides access to a variety of university services.

00:51:48.660 --> 00:51:57.300
To obtain a card. Please email printing card at IU that edu. All right, let's talk about Bloomington, Indiana.

00:51:59.430 --> 00:52:09.480
Bloomington is a little gem of a town that features many of the amenities of a larger city. Well, providing that small town feel and a strong sense of community.

00:52:10.230 --> 00:52:16.020
Wilmington hosts a multicultural and welcoming atmosphere in a setting rich with natural beauty.

00:52:16.800 --> 00:52:28.590
Bloomington features and array of art galleries musicians and opportunities to experience performance art such as concerts opera or Broadway productions.

00:52:29.280 --> 00:52:39.420
Oh community is also known for its exciting nightlife and social scene with an array of bars and clubs live music and our local comedy club.

00:52:40.680 --> 00:52:50.520
Bloomington is also home to a variety of restaurants, as well as local breweries and wineries which offer a taste of regional and international flavors.

00:52:51.300 --> 00:53:03.990
Bloomington location offers up a number of options to explore the outdoors, whether that be hiking or national forests or nature preserve or enjoying your time on the water at Lake Monroe or lake GRIFFEY

00:53:04.740 --> 00:53:12.840
If you have the chance we heartily welcome you to explore all the amenities that Bloomington, Indiana University have to offer.

00:53:14.280 --> 00:53:26.760
And finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to the fall 2020 graduate student. Welcome, which will be held online on August 17th, which is a Monday from one to 230

00:53:27.180 --> 00:53:35.460
This is being presented by the university graduate school, the graduate and professional students organization government and I you libraries.

00:53:36.120 --> 00:53:47.100
Please join us for a live welcome webinar will have you'll have the opportunity to meet University graduate schools, Dean James when Bush and learn about strategies.

00:53:47.550 --> 00:53:58.440
And resources that will help you move forward positively as you start your new semester. We look forward to seeing you. And thank you for joining us today.

00:54:21.600 --> 00:54:34.830
Liese Hilgeman : Hi everyone. We are very excited that you joined us this afternoon, we are open now to be able to answer any questions that you might have relative to what we presented or if you may have some

00:54:35.100 --> 00:54:44.130
Liese Hilgeman : Other questions on material that we did not cover. We'll do our best to answer those questions. Probably the easiest way to

00:54:46.110 --> 00:55:05.820
Liese Hilgeman : Be able to identify the questions is, if you can just type them in the chat feature or say I have a question and then we'll call on you and you can ask your question and either Tara Megan, or I will will go ahead and answer them just to to share introductions. Again, you saw us

00:55:06.930 --> 00:55:18.600
Liese Hilgeman : Just our little thumbnails earlier. I'm Lisa Haldeman, I am the Director of Graduate administrative services for the Hamilton Luger school and I will have my colleagues also introduce themselves again.

00:55:21.150 --> 00:55:33.330
Terra Hay : Hi I'm Tara Hey, I am the scheduling coordinator for ALS, you'll be in contact with me about advising enrollment different curricular issues. So you'll see a lot of emails for me, welcome.

00:55:35.010 --> 00:55:48.000
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: Hey everyone, it's nice to finally meet you and see your beautiful faces. My name is Megan Emerson Davis. I am the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services.

00:55:48.510 --> 00:55:58.590
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: And I am also the administrator of foreign language and area studies awards or flask for short. So I've been in contact with some of you in that capacity as well.

00:55:59.010 --> 00:56:09.480
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: So again, always, feel free to reach out to us with questions or any needs you have and let us know if you have questions right now or happy to answer.

00:56:20.040 --> 00:56:24.450
Liese Hilgeman : Well, since we don't have any questions right now. I did want to go over

00:56:25.560 --> 00:56:34.560
Liese Hilgeman : Some of the new requirements that are related to cove at 19 we had a slide about we didn't have any voiceover during the slide.

00:56:34.860 --> 00:56:45.150
Liese Hilgeman : The first thing that you may have questions about is pre arrival testing for students, all students that are going to be living on campus are being requested to

00:56:45.960 --> 00:56:57.450
Liese Hilgeman : Submit a test results at least and take a code test 10 days before arriving on campus that really is only going to apply to students that are physically living on campus.

00:56:57.900 --> 00:57:06.000
Liese Hilgeman : But every student that will be on campus in some capacity. This is you may not be living on campus, but you will definitely be doing in person.

00:57:06.360 --> 00:57:20.580
Liese Hilgeman : Courses, you will need to be tested and there will be on site testing on campus and you will be given information on where to go. It's a really quick test, as I understand it, you will be drooling into

00:57:20.970 --> 00:57:31.290
Liese Hilgeman : A cup that's been tested and the results will be available within 15 minutes of you taking the test. If you are found to be

00:57:33.540 --> 00:57:41.490
Liese Hilgeman : Infected with coven then you will be requested to quarantine for 14 days. And there's a special swizzle app that will

00:57:41.940 --> 00:57:56.010
Liese Hilgeman : Be checking in with you on a daily basis to see what your symptoms are and you will end up having to be retested after the quarantine period to make sure that you are clear of Kobe. The other

00:57:56.580 --> 00:58:04.380
Liese Hilgeman : item that is half or the other strategy to keep everyone safe is to follow the CDC recommendations for

00:58:04.740 --> 00:58:18.390
Liese Hilgeman : Face coverings as well as social distancing so be mindful that anytime that you are on campus, you will be required to wear a mask. If you outside if you're not able to stay six feet away from another individual

00:58:18.780 --> 00:58:32.670
Liese Hilgeman : Anytime that you are in side a campus building, you will be required to wear a mask. This will be when you're in classrooms. The only time masks are not required is if you are alone in

00:58:33.090 --> 00:58:43.170
Liese Hilgeman : Office or space and there is no one around you, then you may take your mask off the provost will be sending out some additional instructions there will be

00:58:43.650 --> 00:58:54.330
Liese Hilgeman : ramifications for people that do not follow the social distancing or the wearing a face coverings. And my understanding is that the most extreme

00:58:57.600 --> 00:59:06.870
Liese Hilgeman : Outcome. If you are not following the protocols would be dismissal so on. Those are the most that's. Those are some of the most current

00:59:08.010 --> 00:59:16.530
Liese Hilgeman : Things for domestic students for international students that are arriving from out of the country you are requested to

00:59:17.250 --> 00:59:26.280
Liese Hilgeman : Self quarantine for 14 days in advance of coming onto campus and for those students that are international

00:59:26.640 --> 00:59:41.130
Liese Hilgeman : They will make a test kit available to you wherever you are quarantining and then you will provide a sample and they will be able to get the information for you. Does anyone have any questions about

00:59:42.780 --> 00:59:46.080
Liese Hilgeman : How the how the university is handling coven

00:59:48.480 --> 00:59:50.280
Scout G Polizzotti: I just have a clarification question.

00:59:50.550 --> 00:59:50.910
Liese Hilgeman : Sure.

00:59:51.330 --> 01:00:09.300
Scout G Polizzotti: Hi, my name is scout. Um, so, for people who are living on campus test is required 10 days prior to move into campus, but it's not required. If you're not living on campus. And then if you want to do in person classes, you'll be able to get tested on campus.

01:00:10.590 --> 01:00:23.190
Liese Hilgeman : That's correct. So basically, they're they're request, they're requiring a pre test within 10 days before you come on campus. If you are going to be living in any kind of a campus residence hall.

01:00:23.700 --> 01:00:33.720
Liese Hilgeman : And also, those in this really mostly affects students that are in the Greek system or that are undergraduates that are living in residential halls.

01:00:34.140 --> 01:00:48.930
Liese Hilgeman : And so they will have to do a pre test and not test will determine, you know, if they're actually physically able to be able to come onto campus within that 10 day period. They will also get on on campus test when they arrive.

01:00:49.800 --> 01:01:03.690
Liese Hilgeman : For graduate students that are living off campus, you will be tested when when and if you come onto campus. My understanding is that they will also be instituting a

01:01:04.230 --> 01:01:14.910
Liese Hilgeman : Continual testing of students, faculty and staff that are on campus and this will be basically a situation where you'll get a

01:01:15.540 --> 01:01:24.660
Liese Hilgeman : Alert an email requesting you to have a test and they will identify where you need to go to do that and and all of these kind of

01:01:25.110 --> 01:01:33.810
Liese Hilgeman : Surveillance type testing is is fairly non invasive. It's just involved. It's very, it's relatively quick it just involves you drilling into a cup.

01:01:34.530 --> 01:01:51.210
Liese Hilgeman : The only time that you have, the more invasive test, which is the swab test is if you are showing symptoms and that kind of a test is being recommended by a medical professional for you to have that test. Does that help clarify.

01:01:51.510 --> 01:01:52.560
Scout G Polizzotti: Yes, thank you very much.

01:02:00.570 --> 01:02:01.530
Liese Hilgeman : Do we have any other

01:02:02.550 --> 01:02:11.370
Liese Hilgeman : Any other questions, comments hellos to your fellow cohorts. Oh, I know there was there was a question regarding how do we know who our advisor is

01:02:11.760 --> 01:02:23.040
Liese Hilgeman : Your default advisor is the Director of Graduate Studies for your department and they that will be your first person of contact, and in some cases they may already have have

01:02:24.120 --> 01:02:37.200
Liese Hilgeman : Identified a faculty member that you're going to be working with, say for instance in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, there's an MA that focuses on on Egypt and Egyptology that has their own primary

01:02:37.620 --> 01:02:48.900
Liese Hilgeman : Advisor who's separate from the DTS, so it's going to vary by program and department who your advisor is but the first stop with advising is going to be the Director of Graduate Studies and

01:02:49.830 --> 01:03:01.890
Liese Hilgeman : Most and most of our departments are going to be having their own individual program orientation and they will be going over with you their specific advising processes.

01:03:03.630 --> 01:03:13.260
Liese Hilgeman : Not all of the current departments are using the hrs advising form. We're hoping to roll that out so that all the programs will be using them in the future.

01:03:13.680 --> 01:03:23.190
Liese Hilgeman : But to start off for this semester, for instance, with Russia and Eastern European you'll be working with Elliot know whacky in terms of selecting your courses and

01:03:23.760 --> 01:03:32.670
Liese Hilgeman : They have their own forms that they're using. And the same with the Department for Latin American Caribbean studies, you'll be working with

01:03:33.090 --> 01:03:41.400
Liese Hilgeman : Katharine Cashman, and Daniel So is like, who are the staff in that department, hopefully you have already been in contact with

01:03:41.790 --> 01:03:59.520
Liese Hilgeman : The program representatives and the DG SS at your department. If you have questions or need additional assistance, you're welcome to email my staff and we're the email the best email to reach us at is h LS

01:04:01.020 --> 01:04:04.530
Liese Hilgeman : Okay, I am seeing that

01:04:06.750 --> 01:04:11.430
Liese Hilgeman : There's a question regarding the four to six weeks winter session.

01:04:11.730 --> 01:04:16.680
Liese Hilgeman : Tarik you give us a little bit of background on that and how that's going to be working

01:04:17.040 --> 01:04:21.720
Terra Hay : Yeah, so something new this year we're going to be offering what we call the interest, like the

01:04:22.140 --> 01:04:27.450
Terra Hay : Terminology is a little bit different. You might hear different things, but basically an August will offer a small

01:04:27.750 --> 01:04:37.890
Terra Hay : I think we offer two courses. I'm going to put the link below and just a second. So you can go straight to those classes that we're offering for offering a small august session, which happens right before

01:04:38.610 --> 01:04:55.230
Terra Hay : classes begin and then we're offering something towards the end after Thanksgiving break that we're calling like the fall, small sessions courses. It's also being referred to as the winter intercession courses and those are just a short like three week

01:04:56.550 --> 01:05:02.940
Terra Hay : Set of classes that we're offering. Now, there's also something called the winter session that's connected to the spring semester.

01:05:03.210 --> 01:05:17.940
Terra Hay : Right now, we're not offering anything for the actual winter session for spring, but we are offering something with the kind of fall small flash winter session for the fall semester. So I'll send you that link right now and you can see all the classes that are available.

01:05:20.160 --> 01:05:31.800
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: And just to let you guys know we plan to make this presentation available to you as well so that any of the information you can access and all the links that were in that presentation as well.

01:05:32.220 --> 01:05:39.390
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: As I'm sure you guys just experienced information overload. So we'll be sending that your way soon.

01:05:45.780 --> 01:05:57.960
Liese Hilgeman : And we will also be launching a new graduate student portal that will have this that will be where you'll find this presentation and the slideshow.

01:05:58.590 --> 01:06:17.370
Liese Hilgeman : It will also be where you will find forums as well as information on policies and procedures and easy way for you to find links to the things that we've discussed in this presentation and we're hoping to launch that by the end of next week. So we'll send you

01:06:17.580 --> 01:06:19.050
Liese Hilgeman : Will send you a notification.

01:06:19.080 --> 01:06:23.070
Liese Hilgeman : With where to find that information as soon as it's published

01:06:28.320 --> 01:06:47.100
Liese Hilgeman : Okay. We have a question from Ben, do we know if the Hamilton lugar building will be open this upcoming semester. So the building is currently open, however, faculty, and staff are encouraged to work remotely and we will be finding out

01:06:48.870 --> 01:07:03.390
Liese Hilgeman : A policy shortly from our dean, in terms of the extent of interaction and traffic that is requested for the building, but there are classrooms. As you may remember their classrooms on

01:07:04.020 --> 01:07:15.360
Liese Hilgeman : The first and lower level of the building and those classrooms will be used for certain courses. So the building will be open. What you probably will not be having

01:07:16.170 --> 01:07:25.860
Liese Hilgeman : Is this is the kind of experience where you will be going to a faculty office for office hours in person. That will really vary by faculty member and

01:07:26.640 --> 01:07:37.140
Liese Hilgeman : Most faculty members. I think may be continuing especially if they are teaching remotely, they will probably be offering their

01:07:37.860 --> 01:07:50.130
Liese Hilgeman : Office hours through some kind of scheduled appointments or zoom meetings or something to that effect. But no, the building. The building is the building is open.

01:07:50.790 --> 01:08:00.450
Liese Hilgeman : However, you would, at this point, if you were to go into the building, you wouldn't not find very many people there at all. You would find

01:08:01.110 --> 01:08:09.000
Liese Hilgeman : The building supervisor, whose office is on the lower level and then any kind of staff that would be there for cleaning

01:08:09.420 --> 01:08:21.780
Liese Hilgeman : You won't be noticing on campus, it'll be different from a bit bit different from what you experienced if you came and visited the spring, there will be additional signage, there will be

01:08:22.890 --> 01:08:33.660
Liese Hilgeman : Barriers there will be labeling on the floor and directional signage telling you which way to navigate through a building another change.

01:08:35.280 --> 01:08:51.810
Liese Hilgeman : Is there's a much longer passing period between classes because they would like to have for there to be space for people to move effectively around campus and certain classrooms are going to not be possibly so close together.

01:08:53.520 --> 01:09:10.560
Liese Hilgeman : They have had to identify classrooms that could accommodate social distancing. So that means that classrooms that may have been used in the past, maybe too small. And so they may only be used for breakout sessions or something like that. Does that help

01:09:17.400 --> 01:09:36.900
Liese Hilgeman : Okay, we have a question regarding when textbook lists will be made available that depends on the instructor of record for the for the course. So you will be enrolling and working with your department and the instructor to get to get that information.

01:09:42.000 --> 01:09:44.700
Liese Hilgeman : And I see. I think that's the

01:09:46.590 --> 01:09:54.180
Terra Hay : There's a question about registering. So is it possible to register for just one course online if I'm studying for my home country.

01:09:56.220 --> 01:09:59.160
Liese Hilgeman : Yes, that that would be possible normal in

01:09:59.460 --> 01:10:19.560
Liese Hilgeman : Normally for graduate students you if you are in an MBA program or or a PhD program the Graduate School expects you to be enrolled full time, but given the fact that these are uncertain and and unique times we can make accommodations. If

01:10:20.670 --> 01:10:29.820
Liese Hilgeman : It's necessary for you to only be able to enroll in one class and one course partially because I know that those of you who may be having to remain

01:10:30.510 --> 01:10:46.410
Liese Hilgeman : In in your home country may have work obligations other obligations family obligations, so it's not going to be the same kind of a setting for you to be able to be devoted completely to taking three or four courses so

01:10:47.130 --> 01:11:01.710
Liese Hilgeman : The one thing that you will want to do is just coordinate with the DG s in in that department to make sure that the timing of the course is going to work with your schedule and and that

01:11:02.430 --> 01:11:12.060
Liese Hilgeman : It's not going to be that you're going to be having to get up at three in the morning to be able to to log into some kind of a synchronous part of the of the course.

01:11:45.600 --> 01:11:50.460
Liese Hilgeman : I, I think that we may be good with questions do we have

01:11:53.010 --> 01:11:58.290
Liese Hilgeman : Have any, anything else from anyone on anything that was unclear in the presentation.

01:12:07.140 --> 01:12:20.220
Liese Hilgeman : Well, I'm going to thank all of you for joining us and remind you if you do have any questions to please email us at H LS and

01:12:21.060 --> 01:12:29.460
Liese Hilgeman : You can also and then we can loop in your department if that's necessary. Hopefully we can answer any questions that you might have or help you find the answer.

01:12:30.210 --> 01:12:47.400
Liese Hilgeman : Once again, thank you for joining us and we're very excited to finally see you. I'll be it through zoom and we look forward to welcoming you to Bloomington, IN AUGUST, whether it be virtually or in person.

01:12:49.620 --> 01:12:50.280
Liese Hilgeman : Thank you.

01:12:51.360 --> 01:12:52.170
Terra Hay : Thanks, everyone.

01:12:52.380 --> 01:12:53.700
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: Thanks, everyone.

01:14:12.090 --> 01:14:14.220
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: Hi Riley. Did you have a question.

01:14:30.030 --> 01:14:30.420
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: Nope.

01:14:32.880 --> 01:14:35.100
Liese Hilgeman : Okay. Well that went smoothly. I thought

01:14:38.010 --> 01:14:39.300
Liese Hilgeman : you're muted today.

01:14:45.900 --> 01:15:00.960
Janae Cummings: Obviously, I'm doing this on two different computers and you're good to go. So, um, once this is done in the cloud will download it and, you know, clean it up like pick the ends off and that kind of thing. And then put it wherever you need it to go. So probably Monday.

01:15:01.620 --> 01:15:02.070
Liese Hilgeman : Excellent.

01:15:02.460 --> 01:15:09.210
Liese Hilgeman : Okay, great. And, and I should have given you a shout out. Sorry. Sorry to give a shout out to the to the tech crew.

01:15:10.080 --> 01:15:12.690
Liese Hilgeman : Behind the scenes graphic designer.

01:15:13.620 --> 01:15:15.720
Janae Cummings: My shout out is if it goes smoothly. Let's get it i

01:15:16.230 --> 01:15:31.500
Liese Hilgeman : Know, I think that it went well. And the fact that there weren't questions I think means that we gave the information in a way that was clear. Yeah. Or they just were over completely overloaded with too much information but

01:15:31.770 --> 01:15:37.260
Janae Cummings: The questions made sense. So I don't know. Some was overloaded, but I thought it was good.

01:15:38.490 --> 01:15:40.230
Liese Hilgeman : Great. And it's done.

01:15:43.260 --> 01:15:43.830
Liese Hilgeman : All right.

01:15:44.040 --> 01:15:45.330
Megan Immerzeel-Davis: All right, thanks everyone.

01:15:45.420 --> 01:15:45.990
Liese Hilgeman : Thank you.

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