Peace Corps Prep

Date: Monday, February 24, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Global & International Studies Building
Room 1060
355 North Jordan Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408

Lunch Provided

Indiana University ranks high in the number of graduates to the Peace Corps.

How will the certificate benefit me?

When you complete the Global Service and Peace Corps Prep certificate, you will:

  • Combine undergraduate academic coursework with service-learning opportunities that emphasize community engagement and public service at home and abroad.
  • Create a comprehensive career portfolio that showcases your civic engagement and global education.
  • Receive a certificate of completion from the Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C., signed by the Peace Corps national director, when you graduate.
  • Prepare to apply to the Peace Corps.

To join the Peace Corps Prep Program:

To join the Peace Corps Prep Program:

  1. Attend an information session (held every semester) or schedule an advising session with the coordinator.
  2. During the information session or an advising meeting, we will explain the program’s requirements, provide information about IU’s Certificate in Global Service and Peace Corps Preparation, and direct you to resources that emphasize service-learning and community engagement. We will also connect you with the IU Peace Corps Recruiter Vicki Runion.
  3. You will need to apply to be formally accepted into the Program.
  4. After, you will need to meet annually with the Program coordinator. If you are pursuing an undergraduate certificate, you will also meet with the academic advisor Sarah Lucas.

Apply to the Peace Corps Prep Program

Certificate requirements

Students earning the Global Service and Peace Corps Prep certificate are required to complete a minimum of 25 credit hours; three credit hours must be in a service-learning course. Students must also complete three credits (150 hours) of an internship related to their chosen work sector.

See full details in the College of Arts and Sciences academic bulletin

Students who have matriculated to IU prior to 2017 should consult the 2016-2017 College of Arts and Sciences Academic Bulletin.

We strongly encourage you to apply for the program in your sophomore year, however, you may pursue the certificate in your junior or senior year after consulting with the certificate coordinator.

You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all certificate coursework.

  1. One International Studies course (3 credit hours). Choose from INTL-I 202 (GenEd S&H/WC), INTL-I 203 (GenEd S&H/WC), INTL-I 204 (GenEd S&H/WC), INTL-I 205 (GenEd S&H/WC), INTL-I 206 (GenEd S&H/WC), INTL-I 210 (GenEd S&H), INTL-I 220 (GenEd WC), and INTL-I 222 (GenEd WC).
  2. One course (3 credit hours) chosen among AFRI-L 231 (GenEd S&H/WC), AFRI-L 232 (GenEd S&H/WC), CEUS-R 290 (GenEd S&H/WC), CEUS-R 292 (GenEd S&H/WC), EALC-E 110 (GenEd WC), EALC-E 111 (GenEd WC), EALC-E 190 (GenEd S&H/WC), INST-I 100 (GenEd WC), LTAM-L 210 (GenEd S&H/WC), SEAS-S 231.
  3. One 300- or 400-level course in International Studies (3 credit hours)
  4. Two foreign language courses at the 200 level and above (6 credit hours)
  5. SGIS-X 373 internship in Global and International Studies (3 cr.). Experience must be related to one of the designated Peace Corps work sectors.
  6. Two courses (6 credit hours) that relate to the certificate’s goals/Peace Corps work sectors in any academic unit. Consult with the certificate coordinator when selecting these courses. One of the two courses must be at the 300–400 level.
  7. INTL-I 401 Global Service Capstone (1 credit hour) completed via two options:
    1. Submission of a project that capitalizes on the student’s service-learning experience in the certificate.
    2. A sequence of workshops (minimum 2) offered each year (documentation provided via a reflection essay).

Students who wish to be prepared for careers in global service and be competitive for the Peace Corps application process should enhance their skills by having experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Additional courses in agriculture, education, business, environmental and health sciences
  • Advanced foreign language courses
  • Service-oriented short-term study abroad program
  • Long-term study abroad program
  • Participation in applying for nationally competitive fellowships and awards
  • Co-curricular community service
  • International, government, or nonprofit internships
  • Student leadership experiences
  • For students who wish to be competitive during the Peace Corps application process: substantial (100 hours or more) experience in community development and service