Master's Programs

Master’s degrees in International Studies

You can earn either an M.A. or an M.S. in International Studies. Both degrees ready students for careers in the private as well as the public sectors. They also prepare students to go on to pursue academic and research-oriented careers. The M.S. is designed especially for students who are interested in using data to address global issues.

Master’s degree in Russian and East European Studies

Our eminent Robert F. Byrnes Russian and East European Institute, established in 1958, continues to be a leader in studying this vital region. Its graduates include former U.S. Secretary of Defense Bob Gates. Other graduates become intelligence and foreign area officers for the U.S. military. They occupy key positions in the State Department, the GAO, and the FBI, as well as serving on congressional staffs. They are employed by leading global consultancies and companies like McKinsey and Co. and Motorola. They work for NGOs like the Red Cross and Catholic Relief Agencies. And they go on to pursue doctorates and hold posts at think tanks and universities. In other words, an advanced degree from REEI can take you in many directions.

Area Studies master’s degrees

At HLS, you can acquire deep regional expertise in areas of vital strategic and cultural importance. All of our master’s programs are flexible, allowing students to tailor their studies to their own interests. And all of our master’s programs are conducted with the multidisciplinary perspectives that ensure that HLS graduates have the agile minds and nimble skills to advance their careers, whether inside or outside academia and whether nationally or internationally.

A graduate degree in an HLS area studies program is invaluable. To cite only one example, nearly a third of the graduates of our European Studies program are now U.S. Foreign Service officers who serve as military attachés in American embassies in Europe.

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