A transdisciplinary, transnational approach

At HLS our bedrock principle is: To change the world, you must first seek to understand it.

We combine the study of history, culture, society, and language with a close examination of pressing global issues we face today. Our students graduate ready to tackle these issues, whether as diplomats, government leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, scholars, or doctors.

An incubator of fresh ideas

HLS is the hub of international activity on a diverse campus that annually welcomes students from 137 countries. Check out the video screens as you walk around our beautiful, sustainable new building to get a glimpse of the opportunities available every day, whether it's a performance by a renowned Indian composer or a discussion with the former U.S. ambassador to India. 

The journey is just starting

So, today, I can say that the exhilaration of being among a talented, vibrant community of scholars and students is still as keen as the first day I arrived.

Browse through our website to learn more. And then, if you think you’re ready to change both the world and yourself, let me be the first to welcome you to HLS.