HLS Global Development Consulting

Previous projects:

Project 1

The Partner: The Hijabi Mentorship Program, Kenya

The Project: HLSGDC reviewed and edited THMP’s internal policies and created suggestions for them to both improve and become more competitive for grant and funding opportunities.

Project 2

The Partner: The High Atlas Foundation, Morocco

The Project: After reading through HAF data, HLSGDC students developed themes and coded a large collection of oral history data. Students created a dashboard to visualize and organize the materials.

Project 3

The Partner: People’s Radio Myanmar 

The Project: HLSGDC conducted research and interviewed with Burmese development workers in order to create short podcasts that will raise awareness to the democracy activism and development work taking place in Myanmar by Yone-Htwat-Soh-Mon.

Project 1

The Partner: The Hijabi Mentorship Project, Kenya

The Project: HLSGDC conducted a landscape review of global funding opportunities available to the client and created a guidebook to support their fundraising initiatives

Project 2

The Partner: Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, El Paso, Texas

The Project: HLSGDC conducted country condition research to support the detained deportation defense team who provide legal services to indigent asylum seekers.

Project 3

The Partner: Education Organization in Mexico

The Project: HLSGDC worked with the organization to identify their impact and visualize it in the form of an internal dashboard.

The partner: Reclaim Childhood, a sport for development organization based in Jordan, which works to empower women and girls through sport.

The project: HLSGDC conducting a monitoring and evaluation audit by organizing and analyzing 5 years of data and reports. Based on this analysis, HLSGDC provided recommendations for how to organize their data and how to improve its monitoring and evaluation practices.


  • Co-chairs: Gillian Zeuli and Emma Dabelko 
  • Recruitment Chair: Skyla Hernandez 
  • Project Managers: Morgan Short, Annabel Prokopy, Mohamed Izadine, and Peter Wang 
  • Orientation/Events Coordinator: Isabel Hastings and Malena Fisk 
  • Partnership Coordinator: Mahi Patel 
  • Communications: Gillian Zeuli and Emma Dabelko
  • Faculty Advisory: Elisheva Cohen

Interested? Apply today!

HLSGDC is open to undergraduate and graduate students across IU. Applications for the Fall 2023 cohort open August 14th and close on August 25th, 2023. Candidates selected for an interview will be notified by August 27th, and final candidates selected for HLSGDC will be notified by September 6th. Those selected are expected to participate in a mandatory orientation on September 10th.

Still have questions?

Contact Skyla Hernandez, Recruitment Officer, skyherna@iu.edu, or Dr. Elisheva Cohen, Faculty Advisor, ellcohen@iu.edu