Explore the Ph.D. program in Chinese

The Ph.D. program in Chinese allows you to specialize in Chinese language and culture while preparing you for an academic career at the university level.

At HLS, you will graduate with expertise in the Chinese language, research methods in a particular discipline, and pedagogy.

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Focused, but also well-rounded

The Ph.D. program consists of at least 30 credit hours in departmental courses, as well as 12–15 credit hours in an outside field that you choose, such as comparative literature, fine arts, folklore, history, or political science.

Perfect your language skills

Study of the Chinese language is a core part of the Ph.D. program. Proficiency in a second modern East Asian language or a classical East Asian language may be necessary depending on your area of research. In addition, reading proficiency in French, German, or another European language related to your research is required.

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