Central Eurasian Studies

Develop expertise in Central Eurasian Studies

Are you interested in developing a deeper knowledge of a region or country of Central Eurasia? The M.A. program in Central Eurasian Studies at HLS will allow you to work with renowned faculty to expand your focus on the culture, history, and language of part of this vast and critical region of the world.

While many students in the master’s program go on to pursue a Ph.D., the M.A. is also excellent preparation for nonacademic careers requiring regional expertise and strong language skills.

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Choose your path of study

The M.A. program consists of 30 credit hours in approved courses. You’ll choose a region to specialize in, and take courses on the culture, history, and language of that area. In addition, you’ll take a research methodology course, as well as electives in another region of Central Eurasia or another discipline.

Opportunities to perfect your language skills

Studying a language of the region in which you specialize is a key part of the M.A. program. You’ll also be required to demonstrate reading proficiency in a modern research language, such as Russian, French, or German.

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