Deepen your focus with an M.A. in Chinese

Do you already have an undergraduate major in Chinese and would like to continue your study in the field? The M.A. program in Chinese at HLS provides a more specialized focus, allowing students to gain a more complex understanding of Chinese language and culture.

While many students in the master’s program plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Chinese, the M.A. is also appropriate for those in nonacademic careers where a deep familiarity with more than one East Asian language is necessary.

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Choose your track

The M.A. program consists of 30 credit hours in approved courses. You can choose from two tracks—the traditional M.A., or the M.A. with a language pedagogy track. If you choose the language pedagogy focus, you’ll take a subset of courses specific to that track, and have a final M.A. project demonstrating your pedagogical skills.

In either track, you’ll take courses in Chinese language, literature, history, and culture—developing an expertise in this important part of the world.

Sharpen your language skills

Language study is a core part of the M.A. program, and there are many avenues available to develop your skills—such as language courses, conversation clubs on campus, and overseas study.

If you plan to apply to a Ph.D. program in a field that requires a second East Asian language, we recommend you begin that coursework during the M.A. program.

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