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Why Hamilton Lugar?

The Hamilton Lugar School is a national leader in international affairs and the languages, cultures, and perspectives shaping our world. We're committed to the values of our namesakes, Rep. Lee Hamilton and Sen. Richard Lugar—two giants of American diplomacy who bridged political and cultural divides in the country and around the world.

At HLS, we value global engagement. We celebrate differences and seek shared understanding. We study the world, so we can change the world. And so can you.

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  • International Studies (BA, BS, BA/MA): Take an interdisciplinary approach to global and international challenges, while specializing in a language, region, and track.
  • International Law & Institutions (BA): Study the relationship between global issues and the law.
  • Cybersecurity & Global Policy (BS): Tackle challenges of tech, culture, and society.
  • East Asian Languages & Cultures or East Asian Studies (BA): Immerse in China, Japan, and the Koreas.
  • Central Eurasian Studies (BA): Explore the heartland of Europe and Asia, extending from the Danube to the Yellow River and Siberia to the Himalayas.
  • Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures (BA): Gain expertise in the historical and cultural richness of the Middle East.

Pick a language: From A(rabic) to Z(ulu)

Language fluency is global fluency. All Hamilton Lugar School majors are required to take at least four semesters of language study. You can enhance your degree by studying one of 80+ languages from Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Eurasia, India, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.

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We know the importance of getting outside the academic bubble. Indiana University and the Hamilton Lugar School make sure there is no shortage of ways for you to do it. Join some 70% of Hamilton Lugar School students who participate in one of IU's 300+ study abroad programs.

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