Global Student Seven (GS7)

Global Student Seven (GS7)

Who we are

The GS7 is an advisory board to Dean Cullather tasked with providing candid, mature student perspectives on affairs concerning the Hamilton Lugar School to improve the undergraduate student experience and expand the scope of the college. The board meets with the Dean each month to soundboard policies, organize events, and brainstorm new student and faculty initiatives. The GS7 also meets with HLS departments to improve their student outreach and increase enrollments. Made up of six undergraduate and one graduate student, the board reflects the diversity of the student body and programs at HLS.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Global Student Seven, applications for the 2022-23 academic year are now open.

Amna Ahmed

International Studies, Political Science, Economics

Amna Ahmed is a senior Wells Scholar majoring in International Studies, Political Science, and Economics. She also studies Urdu in the Dhar India Studies Department and was a Direct Admit to HLS. This is Amna's second year serving on GS7. Beyond the classroom, Amna is also involved in 180 Degrees Consulting, and the Board of Aeons. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a public sector consulting position or work with a non-profit for women.

Breanna Burris

International Law and Policy Analysis

Breanna Burris is a junior pursuing a dual degree in International Law and Policy Analysis with a minor in Intelligence Studies. Breanna hopes to one day combat human trafficking. Outside of class, Breanna is involved in the GS7, Women in Government, O'Neill Ambassadors, is an O'Neill TA, and a research associate. In her free time, you can find her crocheting, biking, and trying to learn to cook.

Russ Hensley

International Law and Institutions

Russ Hensley is a junior from Liberty, Indiana majoring in International Law and Institutions with an Advanced Chinese Language and Culture Certificate and a double minor in Mathematics and Spanish. At IU, Russ is a member of the Hutton Honors College, serves on the Executive Board for TEDxIU, and writes for the opinion desk for the Indiana Daily Student. Russ is also involved with the IU Chinese Flagship. This summer, he participated in the Indiana University Flagship Chinese Institute studying second-year Chinese as part of his involvement in the Chinese Flagship. Russ is currently working as a research assistant under Dr. Dlamini, conducting research on women's empowerment in the Kingdom of Eswatini. In the future, Russ desires to attend law school to study either gender and sexuality law or human rights law. Additionally, as a queer student in HLS, Russ hopes to inspire young queer individuals to pursue a career regarding international affairs.

Shefali Prabhakar

Cybersecurity and Global Policy, Intelligence Studies

Shefali Prabhakar is a junior pursuing a major in Cybersecurity and Global Policy with a minor in Intelligence Studies. This is Shefali's first year serving as a member of GS7. Outside of class, she is a member of the pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta and Shatter the Silence. After graduation, Shefali hopes to attend law school and work in cyber and threat defense within the Intelligence Community with a focus on strategic intelligence analysis.

Salina Tesfagiorgis

International Studies, BA/MA Program

Salina Tesfagiorgis is in her final year of the International Studies BA/MA program at Indiana University pursuing International Studies with a thematic concentration on Human Rights and International Law. Her current studies focus on Black Internationalism and Global Perspectives of Black women. She is currently the Graduate Advisor of Indiana University's African Students Association. As of now, she is interested in pursuing positions in relation to interests which include; Black Internationalism and Internationalists, Radical Theory, Water Politics, Foreign Policy, and other internationally-based research.

Kyle Tucker

International Studies and Slavic Languages & Cultures

Kyle Tucker is a senior from Sellersburg, Indiana double majoring in International Studies and Slavic Languages & Cultures. Kyle’s topics of focus include the politics of the post-Soviet states, nuclear nonproliferation, arms control, intelligence studies, and global energy policy. On campus, Kyle is a member of the Russian Flagship program, President of the Sigma Iota Rho international studies honor society, a traveling member of the IU Model United Nations team, and an office assistant to HLS Dean Lee Feinstein. After graduation, Kyle hopes to continue studying the elimination of weapons of mass destruction.