East Asian Studies

Earn an M.A. in East Asian Studies

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies, or a degree in the humanities or social sciences coupled with a strong knowledge of East Asian culture? The M.A. program in East Asian Studies at HLS will allow you to expand your study of East Asia and develop a deeper understanding of the language and culture of China, Japan, or Korea.

While many students in the master’s program plan to pursue a Ph.D. in a related field, the M.A. is excellent preparation for nonacademic careers in government service, journalism, business, law, or areas where strong language skills and regional expertise are critical.

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The M.A. in East Asian Studies consists of 30 credit hours in approved courses. The majority of your courses will be in culture and area studies, allowing you to learn more about the region through the lens of disciplines such as politics, film studies, education, and history.

Hone your language skills

The study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean is a core part of the M.A. program. In addition to language classes, we offer many ways to develop your language skills, including conversation clubs and overseas study.

If you plan to apply to a Ph.D. program in a field requiring a second East Asian language, we encourage you to begin that coursework during the M.A. program.

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