Global Scholars Leadership Program

Building the next generation of global leaders

In times of global change and challenge, we need principled leaders who are committed to far-reaching, nonpartisan solutions. Leaders who celebrate difference and seek shared understanding. Leaders like Representative Lee H. Hamilton and Senator Richard G. Lugar.

Two Hoosier statesmen. 70 years of combined Congressional service. One scholarship program.

Rep. Hamilton and Sen. Lugar are two of the most influential foreign policy voices of their generation. Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, they have been committed to U.S. global leadership, prudent about the application of American power, and exemplars of Congress carrying out its constitutional role in foreign policy.

Proud Hoosiers striving toward nonpartisan solutions, they reflect the commitment of our state and this university to bring Indiana to the world and the world to Indiana. To honor their historic work—and to build upon it for the next generation—we have created the Global Leadership Scholars Program.

We invite you to join us in creating the global leaders of tomorrow.

Recognizing generous gifts to the Global Leadership Scholars Program

Those who give more than $100,000 to the Global Leadership Scholars Program can choose to have a named space in the Hamilton Lugar School. The naming of rooms/spaces is tiered based on the level of giving. For example, the Hamilton Lugar School has more than 35 spaces available:

Gift levels & space recognition

  • $100,000–249,999: Small conference rooms and focus rooms 
  • $250,000–499,999: Large conference rooms, small conference rooms, and small classrooms
  • $500,000–999,999: Large classrooms
  • $1–2.5M: Global Lounge, broadcast studio, and Hamilton & Lugar’s offices
  • $2.5M: Dean’s Chair and Global & International Studies Building atrium

Gifts of more than $50,000 will be considered for a named scholarship. For example, Jane Doe can name the scholarship and/or fellowship as the Jane Doe Scholarship in the Global Leadership Scholars Program. Should you choose to make a gift of $100,000 or more, you can name the scholarship and a room or space in the school.

Stepping up to ensure tomorrow’s leaders are globally ready

The world is a better place—and our country is more prosperous and secure—when we engage internationally. The students who will be supported through the Lee H. Hamilton and Richard G. Lugar Global Leadership Scholars Program will be prepared to do just that.

They are your future diplomats and public servants; lawyers and entrepreneurs; teachers and nonprofit leaders. As recipients of this prestigious scholarship, they will not only extend the legacies of Rep. Hamilton and Sen. Lugar, they will create their own paradigm: one not defined by a political party or international borders, but by what is best for the global good.

We believe that in order to change the world, you must first seek to understand it. 
With your help, the Global Leadership Scholars will do both.

Join us in creating the next generation of great global leaders

Contact the Hamilton Lugar School's Office of Development at (812) 856-7900 or, or make your gift to the Lee H. Hamilton and Richard G. Lugar Global Leadership Scholars Program today to support scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

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