Emerging Leaders Council

Bridging the gap between the student and alumni experience

The Hamilton Lugar School's Emerging Leaders Council is a committee of young alumni dedicated to the advancement of the school's students, programs, and services. The council donates its time and talent to bridge the gap between alumni and current students by fostering relationships and providing opportunities in both leadership and career advancement.

The Emerging Leaders Council is also a pipeline for the Hamilton Lugar School Dean's Advisory Council is a group of highly accomplished leaders in business, media, government, and the military who work with Dean Ciorciari to expand the school’s reputation and influence both in the US and abroad.

The council's values

The Council incorporates a new generation of leaders into the Hamilton Lugar School's structure. Committed to the School's success, its members come from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors, experiences, and perspectives and seek to:

  • Improve the diversity and inclusivity of the Hamilton Lugar School's student body
  • Provide guidance and leadership as the School navigates Indiana University's third century
  • Connect student and alumni networks
  • Increase collaboration between alumni, students, faculty, and staff