The class also blazed a path for new ideas. It is the first to graduate a major in our new degree in International Law and Institutions. It has also brought academic disciplines together in new ways with double majors in East Asian Studies and Human Biology and International Studies and Neuroscience.

The next step

The class of 2019's trailblazing ways is leading to great outcomes. One graduate will cover the presidential campaigns as an associate producer for NHK, the sole public broadcaster of Japan. Two will join post-graduate internship positions at the United Nations. Another won our university's 2019 Building Bridges award, which honored an undergraduate who captured Martin Luther King Jr's vision, spirit, and leadership. And several will continue or go on to serve in the armed forces.

The class of 2019 made a good bet on the Hamilton Lugar School. We can't wait to see what they do next.

Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Science | Integrated Bachelor & Master of Arts | Philosophiae Doctor | Master of Arts

There's no handbook for life. You can't google map your way through it. Even if you could, I wouldn't listen to the directions.

Carrington Houser, BA/MA, International Studies

Graduate DegreesIntegrated Bachelor & Master of Arts

Alexa Blanton

International Studies

Mitchell Etchason

International Studies

Carrington Houser

International Studies
BA, Spanish

Mia Robertson

International Studies
BA, Anthropology

Allison Saffel

International Studies
BA, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Ellen Soyka

International Studies

It's taken a lot of very hard work, dedication, and resilience for each of us to get where we are today... Remember: There is nothing you can't do.

Aziza Shazanarova, PhD, Central Eurasian Studies