HLS Class of 2020: The Pathfinders

We couldn’t be prouder of the Bicentennial Class of 2020. This class of pathfinders grew up with our school. Though the final months at Indiana University challenged them to navigate a new path in response to something we have not experienced before, their time at the Hamilton Lugar School prepared them for the test.

On Saturday, May 9, the Hamilton Lugar School celebrated these 174 graduates in a way that only we can—with heartfelt congratulations in more than a dozen languages, well wishes from our dedicated faculty, and a bit of song.

At a time when fear grips the world and countries and regions are at risk of withdrawing within themselves, I believe it is ever more important to foster global and cultural understanding through language and music.

Stuart Sones, HLS student and performer of "Hail to Old IU" in Arabic

Graduate DegreesIntegrated Bachelor & Master of Arts

Hannah Minasian

International Studies





Your studies of global and international trends have prepared you for a world where challenges do not respect national borders and where global cooperation is a precondition for progress.

Amb. Lee Feinstein, HLS founding dean