Human +/vs. Artificial Intelligence

Hear from innovators and scholars across the humanities and in media, culture, computing, and cybersecurity — on the social implications of AI in a global context. Speakers will tackle tough questions, like:

How do artificial and human intelligence use and differ from each other?

How does AI change who and what we are as human beings?

What will each do that the other can never do?
What are the implications for privacy and global cybersecurity?

How does AI help or hurt the ways we form commons?
What is IN the works, and what will never work?

Jeff Jarvis

What happens in society when there seems to be an avalanche of new (that is, previously unheard) speech -- whether from Gutenberg's press or from generative AI. What forces gather for change and against it?

As the institutions of trust and authority -- editing, publishing, journalism -- fail to operate at the new scale of speech, how will we determine credibility, quality, and art?

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April 9