Speaker Series


Jessica Calarco is Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University, Bloomington. Her research focuses on systems of inequality, examining how policies and institutions cater to those with power and privilege while disadvantaging others.

Tina Cheuk is Assistant Professor in the School of Education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Her research and advocacy considers how policy and resources, or a lack thereof, contribute to the alienation and erasure of student parents in higher education.

Meera E. Deo is The Honorable Vaino Spencer Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School and Director of the Law School Survey of Student Engagement. She is an expert on legal education, racial representation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, focusing on vulnerable populations among law students and law faculty.

Anne Joseph O’Connell is the Adelbert H. Sweet Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, and has training in law, economics, and political science. Her research and teaching focuses on administrative law and the federal bureaucracy. 

Recap: Rima Shahid, Women4Change

Rima Shahid, Executive Director at Women4Change, discussed current Get Out the Vote efforts in the state of Indiana and opportunities for HLS and IU students. Conversation moderated by HLS senior Ariana Katz. 

The Hamilton Lugar School timed the discussions to maximize student participation and enrichment. The early August events align with scheduled activities for the Hamilton Lugar School’s Living-Learning Center and its fall intersession course on Black Lives Matter as a Global Movement.